Sugar Rays Control Room

Soak up the authentic environment of The Control Room , the heart of the studio and transport back to a time when everything was recorded in ‘Mono’…

Control Room List of Recording Equipment

Recording Desk 1
(Norman Petty) 1958 Mono Desk
3x Altec 1567A 4-Channel Mixers
1x LA2A Compressor (Universal Audio)
2x Purtec 1A Pgm Equalizer
Custom Built VU Meter and Patch Bay
Recording Desk 2
(Collins 212E) 1956 Mono Desk
5 Channels
Single ¼'' Mono Recorders
Ampex 350
Ampex 300 (Bathtub Electronics)
Ampex 300 (CBS 28)
Echo Unit 1
(Watkins Copicat) 1959
Dual-Custom Modified
Echo Unit 2
(Dynachord 62S) 1960
Super Echochord
Reverberation Plate 1
1957 Mono Valve Tube EMT 140 Reverberation Plate

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