Sugar Rays Live Recording Room

Record in an authentic mono live recording space inspired from the original Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee …

Live Room List of Available 'In-House' Equipment

Altec 639 (Birdcage)
Western Electric 639A (Birdcage)
Western Electric 639B (Birdcage)
RCA 74 (Cheese Cutter)
RCA 74 (Grey Cheese Cutter)
RCA 77D (Pillshape)
RCA 77DX (Pillshape)
RCA 44BX (Classic)
Shure 55S (Fatboy)
Shure 330 (Uni-Directional)
Shure 315 (Bi-Directional)
American DR330 (Twins)
Aristatic 77A
60s Reslo (Ribbon Type Mic)
Engelhart Swingmaster Double-Bass
1956 Original Premier Ace Drum Kit
Black Mamba Bongos
Bachman Mid-40s Baby Grand Piano
PV Delta Blues Guitar Amps
Atlas Mic Stands (Counter Weight)
Modeled on RCA Studio B Nashville
A Bass Trap
A Vocal Divider
Drum Acoustic Panels
Fitted Polycylindrical & Acoustic Absorbers to Ceiling and Walls

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